Food for thought!

Temporary exhibition
From October 2, 2023 to September 2, 2024
For everyone, 7 years and older!
Exhibition duration
45 minutes
Laboratory activity duration
45 minutes

We eat every day; it is essential to human survival. The exhibition Food for thought! produced with Bernard Lavallée, nutritionist and author, explores the link between well-being and nutrition.


Nourish the body!

Lunch, dinner, supper or having a snack, food is at the heart of our daily life. Why must we eat? What happens in our bodies when we eat? Do all foods have their place in our diet?   As they explore, visitors discover how the food we consume provides the body with all the essential elements it needs to function.

The pleasure of eating

As well as nourishing our body, eating is also a pleasure. Feel, touch, taste… as you explore the exhibition, your senses will be stimulated. In many countries, cuisine is at the heart of tradition. Explore the history and richness of several traditional dishes from different communities.

Towards a sustainable diet?

If food is to provide well-being to all human beings, the production of good quality food, in sufficient quantity, accessible to all and respecting the limits of natural resources, is essential. Collectively, you will have the opportunity to test solutions to this dilemma by participating in a great game. Your mission? Restore balance on the planet!

Play, learn and celebrate the pleasure of eating on this tour that will whet your appetite!



Scientific approach

During this laboratory activity, participants learn the steps of the scientific approach in the company of a scientific moderator. Like Dr Frappier, they take on the role of researchers and like them, they manipulate real scientific tools to reproduce stages of food digestion. Fun, learning, and experimentation are on the menu of this memorable workshop!

The exhibition recipes

Have you visited the exhibition and would like to repeat the recipes discussed in the testimonials?

Jeu alimentation durable
©Image au carré
petit garçon qui soulève un panneau des sens
©Image au carré
Zone 1 nourrir le corps = femme soulève un panneau
©Image au carré


The Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier would like to extend its warmest thanks to Bernard Lavallée for sharing his expertise and for his generous support throughout the exhibition’s creation.

The Museum would also like to thank its major partners, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and the City of Laval, for making this exhibition possible.

Scientific area

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