Us and them. From prejudice to racism exhibition

Temporary exhibition
From September 3, 2018 to March 14, 2020
For everyone, 6 years and older!
Exhibition duration
45 minutes
Laboratory activity duration
45 minutes

Us and them, From prejudice to racism is the adaptation of an exhibition designed and produced by the Musée de l’Homme, one of the sites of the French National Museum of Naturel History, and which has received the high patronage of UNESCO.

Exhibition and education programme All alike, all different!

At the crossroads of biology, history, and sociology, the exhibition enables us to understand scientifically what racism is about, as well as how and why this phenomenon is occurring in our societies. We thus discover the processes that can lead to prejudice: categorization, hierarchization and essentialization. Through historical examples of inegalitarian discourse and its excesses, we are also witnesses to the reality experienced by victims. The exhibition Us and them. From prejudice to racism also presents the state of knowledge on the subject, notably in areas related to human genetics that confirm that the notion of « race » is not scientifically valid in humans.

A variety of means such as multimedia productions or digital interactives allow us to explore this theme.


Accompanied by scientific moderators, curious people of all ages were invited to take part in moderated workshops led in the context of the exhibition and in the laboratory, to deepen certain scientific concepts. These workshops allowed them to appreciate human diversity and that of the living world, and certainly gave them the desire to take care of themselves and others!


Laboratory offered to the general public and school groups

Cooperating, sharing, communicating: these interactions are essential in man, a social animal! However, exclusion and intimidation exist. Can these interactions have an impact on the brain? Beakers and semipermeable membranes in hand, demystify the functioning of the brain’s protective barrier and discover the effects of social stress on this precious organ.


Laboratory offered to the general public and school groups

Cast your sights into the stereomicroscope to observe, describe, and identify numerous specimens belonging to the realm of living beings. Through an amusing quiz-game you will come to appreciate the extent of the diversity of the living world and the importance of protecting it.

The Museum called on neuroscience researcher Caroline Ménard to help develop this laboratory workshop. In 2020, the Quebec researcher was generous enough to answer our questions in order to provide an update of the results of her research and of this collaboration. Check out this interview by clicking here (ony in french).


Laboratory offered only to school groups

Discover DNA, the molecule at the very basis of life, found in all living beings. Bananas, flies, humans… do they all share the same DNA? Put on a lab coat and carry out a fascinating experiment: extraction of banana DNA.


Laboratory offered only to school groups

DNA varies from one continent to another, one village to another, and one family to another. Does this mean that there are inevitably more genetic differences between two people geographically far from each other? To find out, carry out the migration of DNA samples on agarose gel!


The Us and them. From prejudice to racism exhibition and its educational program were created with the support of many partners. We sincerely thank them for their support!

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