Microbes, globules, and company!

Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm, during the school year.
60 to 75 minutes
One class at a time (maximum of 32 people)

$170/workshop in the classroom

$130/virtual workshop – Available only from primary cycle 2

All material required for the activity is included in the rate.

Travelling costs: $0.70/km

Additional fees may apply to cover the moderator’s accommodation costs for travel outside a 100 km perimeter of the Museum.


In virtual


In class

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Bacteria, viruses… infinitely small, numerous, they are everywhere. What are we talking about? This is the fascinating world of microorganisms! Very often harmless, and even useful, only a tiny fraction of them can cause disease in humans. When that happens, an army, the immune system, whose role is to defend our organism, sets in motion. To prepare the immune system to fulfill its role, there is a solution, vaccination! Nothing is more effective in preventing infectious diseases!

In this workshop, young people will discover the types of microorganisms and the actors of the immune system. They will understand how the body defends itself during infection and how vaccination allows the body to prepare its defences in advance.

To find out all the details concerning the course of school activities (in class, virtual or at the Museum), consult the information for teachers page.

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