The Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier is the only science popularization museum in Quebec! What if we told you that a visit to the Museum could not only be rewarding but also really fun?

Located in Laval, The Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier presents and explains human health sciences through fun activities and scientific workshops. It facilitates the understanding of the themes addressed through its approach focused on fun and amazement!


Inspired by Dr. Frappier’s legacy, the mission of the Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier is to foster an understanding of human health science, in order to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Une mère avec sa petite fille visite l'exposition permanente

We want to awaken your curiosity by offering you engaging content!

Our values

The actions of the Museum team and the selection of our partners are guided not only by the Museum’s mission but also by its values.


To ensure the well-being of our audiences, employees, and all stakeholders is our primary concern, and we strive to do so by providing an inclusive, welcoming, and safe living environment.


Ensure the accessibility of the content and activities we offer to our various audiences by listening, understanding, and responding to their needs to the best of our ability.


Strive to go above and beyond to provide the best for our stakeholders by adopting best practices and creating rigorous scientific content.


Adhere to and implement our mission, offering the best of ourselves and actively engaging in our community.


Be honest, respecting our codes of ethics and deontology, and carrying out our responsibilities.


Seek improvement, constantly striving to improve our scientific culture practices and products.

Our vision

The Museum will be the place to turn to in order to awaken and nurture curiosity about human health science. It will be recognized as an accessible place where everyone is welcome and where scientific communication projects are carried out in partnership, for the benefit of local, regional, and national authorities. The Museum will inspire citizens from all walks of life to act together to meet the health challenges of today and tomorrow, as did Dr. Frappier.

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The Museum publishes an annual report on its activities and results (only in french).


Published in May 2022 Download PDF


Published in May 2021  Download PDF


Published in May 2020 Download PDF


Want access to older annual reports? For inquiries, please fill in the press request form.

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Accreditation of a museum institution by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications

The Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier is proud to have received accreditation from ministère de la Culture et des Communications


Popularizing science related to human health is a passion for the team at the Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier! We do this with much concern for scientific rigour and comprehensibility. Please note, however, that our disseminated content does not, in any way, constitute medical advice. This type of advice should only be offered by a health professional.

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