“One visit, two museums” combo

Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, during the school year
At the
Maximum of 72 students per day, divided into sub-groups of 24


At the



This is a unique opportunity for students to explore the universe, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large! The Cosmodome team joins with the Museum’s team to offer the all-new “One Visit, Two Museums” program, combining the most popular activities of both institutions:

  • The Museum’s LAB-EX PROGRAM

By coming to the Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier to take part in a school activity, your students will have a unique and educational experience. Accompanied by a passionate scientific moderator, they will discover our two exhibitions and also experience real immersion in the world of scientific research by carrying out exciting laboratory activities! (Duration : 2h15)

  • The Cosmodome’s SPACE VISIT

A special immersive, interactive experience is in store at the Cosmodome instead of the traditional exhibition. First, set out on one of our three 60-minutes interactive missions where our futuristic environment will cast you into the far reaches of outer space. Then, complete your experience with a guided tour through the Solar System or the history of astronautics and lastly, reinforce what you have learned by putting it all into practice while taking part in a rally. (Duration: 2h)

Since they are located at the same address, both institutions welcome your group and make sure that all students participate in the activities at both institutions, with their respective moderators

To find out all the details concerning the course of school activities (in class, virtual or at the Museum), consult the information for teachers page.

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