Vaccines and antibodies

The human body
February 21, 2022

Find out why antibodies are essential proteins in our immune system. In this video, our moderator also talks about vaccination.

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You’ve surely heard about antibodies before, but do you know exactly what they are? Ilinca explains how these proteins play an essential role in our immune system in this video.

You will also learn more about vaccination by answering various questions. What is a vaccine? How does it work? etc.

Finally, our moderator invites you to discover, along with her, if her blood still contains the antibodies for which she was vaccinated, thanks to a test called ELISA.

Do you want to know more about vaccination? Discover our videos presented during our Vaccins exhibition, by clicking here!

This video is the last in a series of three videos entitled Our Body Defends Itself!

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In the company of our scientific moderators, Christelle and Ilinca, discover our series of videos Human health under the magnifying glass!


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