Are microorganisms useful?

The infinitely small
February 21, 2022

Are all microorganisms dangerous? Are any of them useful? In this video, Christelle answers these questions and invites you to test your knowledge on the subject!

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With the Covid pandemic, microorganisms are having a hard time… but are all microorganisms really dangerous? Can microorganisms be useful?

To answer this question, our scientific moderator Christelle invites you to test your knowledge by participating in a quiz on this fascinating, microscopic world.

Did you answer all the questions correctly? Are you unbeatable about microorganisms?

Did you like that video? Don’t wait to discover another video about microorganisms Microorganisms on the plate.


This video is part of a series of three video clips entitled The Fascinating World of Microorganisms.

Did you like this video?

Join our scientific moderators, Christelle and Ilinca, for our video series, Human health under the magnifying glass!

#HumanHealthUnderThe MagnifyingGlass!

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