Microorganisms on the plate

The infinitely small
February 21, 2022

Refine your knowledge of the microorganisms found on our plates. They are also the source of food that we consume very often! Do you know which ones?

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Bread, wine, sauerkraut, cheese, yogurt… what do all these foods have in common? They are made by microorganisms.

Christelle invites you to discover how these small living beings, invisible to the naked eye, allow the production of bread and make it so soft. To your ovens!

Now that you know everything about making bread, will you take up the challenge of doing it yourself?

Take advantage of this cooking moment to share a moment with your family and watch our latest video in the series The fascinating world of microorganisms!

Happy cooking!


This video is part of a series of three video clips entitled The Fascinating World of Microorganisms.

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Join our scientific moderators, Christelle and Ilinca, for our video series, Human health under the magnifying glass!

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